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Clarksburg Urgent Care

About the Medical Clinic

Clarksburg Urgent Care is located at Clarksburg Village Center in the heart of Clarksburg in the Northern Montgomery County, United States of America. It is a walk-in clinic that gives an immediate service to patients who need urgent medical treatment.

It's the perfect bridge between the limited availability of a regular doctor’s office, mainly for unforeseen medical concerns, and hospital emergency rooms. Clarksburg Urgent Care, LLC aims to offer immediate medical care, extended hours, and treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses to members of the Clarksburg community and surrounding areas.

We facilitate access to care providers through extended service hours within closer geographic proximity to patients, families, and caregivers. Clarksburg Urgent Care LLC provides clinical monitoring to ensure quality service provisions and will also be integrated into the emergent care system. We will act to alleviate demand for these services by shifting lower acute patients to a less resource-intensive environment. Emergent or critical patients entering our clinic will be immediately transferred to

an Emergency department.

We understand that consumers invariably associate the quality of healthcare services with the aesthetics of the site of care. At Clarksburg Urgent Care LLC, our facility is perfectly situated in the Clarksburg Village Center which is an already existing Class A shopping center and an integral part of the community.

Clarksburg Urgent Care is located at the intersection of Newcut Road and Snowden Farm Parkway in the Clarksburg Village Center in the heart of Clarksburg, Maryland, and minutes from I-270, Rt-355, and Hwy-27 making it easily accessible to members of the community.

You can call us at  301 302 8513

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